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Signature Food of Your City


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The waffle cone was invented in Norfolk,Va.

I thought it was in St. Louis during the 1906 (?) World's Fair. An ice cream vendor ran out of bowls and tried using a rolled up waffle to hold the ice cream.

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While it certainly doesn't taste good, it is very famous in my area:

Lutefisk (Codfish that has been soaked in lye for about a week, and then boiled to a gelatiny goodness. Served with mustard. BLEH! Christmas dish)


Lefse (Scandinavian flatbread. Very tasty warm with butter and sugar, rolled up. Traditional at Christmas.)


Swedish meatballs (Also a Christmas dish. Every grandmother has her own recipe.)


And, more of a Minnesota favorite, but famous locally too: (made with wild rice harvested from local lakes.)

Wildrice soup:


Yes. We are very much meat and potatoes country.

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