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Largest Condo Project Ever in Chattanooga Announced


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The biggest condo project ever in downtown Chattanooga was announced today. It will be called One North Shore and will be located just west of the new Renaissance Park on the downtown north shore area. Details of the project are in this link from the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

$36 Million Dollar Project Set for North Shore

Here's a rendering for the project


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Hey Hankster,


This on the other side of the river from the Aquarium.. Is this the first on that side of the river or are there other projects over there yet?

This is a good looking project and very affordable.

If it is on the other side, then is it going to be at the level of the everything else there, or is it going to be set up on the hill?

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It won't be up on a hill. One interesting part is that they plan to build this in two phases. The first phase should break ground later this year, be about 6 stories and have approximately 100 units with completion expected in late 2007. The second phase will consist of two four story structures housing another 100 units. There are several other condo projects on the north shore. The view from over there is exceptional, and the north shore has become one of the "in" places in the Chattanooga area. With two splendid parks, Renaissance park (opening in June) and Coolidge park, plus a number of trendy restauarnts and night spots, the north shore is a happening place! I'll post some renderings of other north shore projects soon.

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Here's some other north shore projects going on.

Frazier Place - $4 Million 4 level 60,000 Sq Ft complex consisting of 12 condos and 12,000 Sq Ft retail. Just now being completed.


Northshore Project - $14 Million, 4 Story, 80,000 Sq Ft project with 320 space parking garage. 15,500 Sq Ft retail on first floor, 36,000 Sq Ft office space on 2nd and 3rd floors plus 6 condos on top floor.


The 417 on Frazier - $3.5 Million 4 Story mixed Use. Ground floor restaurant and retail. 12 Condos on the upper floors. Complete mid 2006.


Add to this a 22,000 Sq Ft Greenlife Grocery store annouced a couple of months ago along with a considerable amount of other retail. The grocery will be on Manufacturers Rd, possibly next to the One North Shore project. It is sceduled to open in by early 2007. Things are definitely happening on the Chattanooga north shore!

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Hank, thanks for the photos. I had to drive up to Chattanooga yesterday morning, and on my way out of town I swung through the northshore. Lots of dirt flying around there. I saw the foundation for 417 Frasier is u/c and the retail center at the corner of Market. Also, further down Frasier on the right is what looks like a new brick building 3-4 stories (retail on bottom? and condos on top?).

I know where Manufacturers road is b/c it's the one with the exit back onto Hwy 27. So the new condo... will it be on the river? From the renderings, it dosn't look like it has much at the street. Still, it looks quite nice.

Also, I noticed a huge building u/c on the DT side of the river next to Riverside Drive... I'm sure you've shown a rendering on this forum, but I didn't get close enough to see its name.

Then there was the row of brownstones that I'm always thoroughly impressed by. They're still u/c, but I can tell that they're sparing nothing in the construction. Even the basement/foundation is done with (apparently) cut stone. Really classy looking.

One more thing I noticed as I right before I crossed the bridge (around Georgia Ave, I think) is a nice little block of buildings. There are 2-3 story townhouses on both sides of the street and (I think there were trees in the sidewalk). The buildings are definitely vintage, but look very nice.

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