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3 multiuse developments

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There is going to be three new multiuse developments in the suburbs of cleveland. They aren't anything too big. The one in Parma heights is only a 30 million dollar project which is bringing back an older project never completed. The one in North Royalton is a 250 - 500 million dollar project which will include residential, office, and retail property. The project in North Royalton is expected to start in 2007. The project in Seven Hills is similar and will cost about 340 Million.

I think it's good for the suburbs to actually have some new development as well. Most of the new big projects have been happening in the city mostly in or around downtown but it's reassuring that the suburbs can come up with big projects and have the backing of the people and residents to make them work. Some of these suburbs are actually growing fairly large and are creating sort of their own downtowns respective to their city's size.

There are more details on the site I will post below.

3 multiuse projects

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That's great news for Cleveland, I just hope the suburban developments add to the overall metro and don't hamper downtown development or progress.

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