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Burj Dubai Scale Model Vid

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check this short video out:


It's really about some canadian company (I think) building that huge scale model of Burj Dubai that we've seen on one of the forums. Video seems to concentrate more on how they used the latest Trotec format laser to make the model, but nevertheless, have some good shots of the scale model.

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oh, and for anyone who understands french, here's a news report about dubai's biggest projects, including The World, Burj Dubai, The Palms, Burj Al Arab and Dubailand. The report was quite perfunctory and the reporter was pretty much recapping the basics about each project, stuff that most urbanplanetophiles can recount in their sleep :P Nevertheless, they show some fairly recent shots of the city.



PS. I've only recently begun to uncover the beauty that is google video...so if anyone has links to good videos, whtever the topic, hit it up :thumbsup:

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