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Two Condo Projects Announced


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Two Condo projects were announced today per the NBJ. One we knew about on Long called the Meridian and the other is the Chesterfield, site to be determined. Its good to see more projects coming down the pipe, but I was hoping for a high rise development.


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"The event included details about two new projects: The Meridian at West End Park, a 52-unit complex planned to be built near the corner of Long Boulevard and 31st Avenue; and The Chesterfield, a development that will have between 80 and 100 units.

The location of The Chesterfield has not been announced, but Atlanta-based developer Place Properties is aiming for the Hillsboro Village area. Details on pricing and square footage have not been determined."

I think this project has the potential to have a big impact - especially if it does in fact get built in hillsboro village. This area is already booming as it is - even without much high or mid density residential developments. Adding another 100-150 people to the area as well as the possibility of more retail (well I'm just hoping about that) could really add to the area. I've always felt that the only problem with hillsboro village that has kept it from becoming THE area in nashville is that everything has already been developed for the most part - and so there is little oppurtunity for new buildings to be built as there is a lack of land. Let's hope that the chesterfield lands somewhere close by.

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