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Bartle Hall Ballroom

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Construction on the new ballroom is slated to start in early 2005. It is another "expansion" of Bartle Hall even though it may not actually be a part of the project (im not sure if it is or isn't)

The ballroom will, like Bartle Hall, span across the interstates. It's already kinda cool driving under bartle hall, another expansion is planned for bartle hall over the interstate but I don't know what the date for it is. (maybe after 2007?)

Here is a "map" of the project which shows future expansion of the exhibit hall and the proposed performing arts center, which should start construction once the ballroom is complete.


Along with those three structures spanning across the interstate, a park is proposed to span across it about one more block to the east (east of main st.)

In this last rendering you can see the ballroom and the PAC (to the bottom left)


This will all add to the proposed entertainment district in the south loop area (which will be west of Baltimore, north of the interstate and south of 12th street)

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I just read on one of the sites, this expansion will boost Bartle Hall's convention space from 389,000 square feet to 524,000 square feet. Another later expansion (as shown above) is planned for a later time. The 4th expansion looks to be just a little bit smaller than the current Convention Center.

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oh yea,

Council approves bonds for Bartle

Convention center upgrades include new ballroom

By RICK ALM The Kansas City Star

The Bartle Hall ballroom expansion project now is official. The Kansas City Council on Thursday unanimously approved an $18 million bond sale.

The sale is the first in a planned series to help pay for the estimated $197.6 million project.

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Newest and possibly the final rendering for the ballroom:


It'll look great with all that glass next to the early 90's grey facade of the Convention Center expansion...



In this above drawing you can see the PAC on the right side of the photo...

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