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Nashville Shines in Neil Young "Heart of Gold" Film


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Tonight I saw the Neil Young Heart of Gold concert film that was shot at the Ryman back during the Summer. The first part of the film shows Mr. Young and the other musicians being interviewed as they are driven through the streets of Nashville to the concert. Nashville's urban fabric is portrayed with great love and respect, both the old and the new.

However, every good film has a villian, and in this film, the villian is the new Sun Trust tower.

I think all of you would enjoy seeing Heart of Gold. Tonight was the first night so it should be showing at least a week at the Regal Green Hills.

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So the movie is finally out??? I work at the HErmitage Hotel and I was in charge of taking care of ole Neil Young while he was in town. He and his people were really nice!! nyway he told me about the movie, but he wasn't sure when it was coming out.

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I'll look out for it & will look forward to seeing Nashville in it! I'm a big Neil Young fan myself not to mention the Ryman is an incredible music venue - I saw Doc Watson there a decade ago.

Also I might mention, just to indicate Nashville's prestige as a center of songwriters - Ray Davies is on a short tour of the US & the only two southern cities he will visit are Atlanta & Nashville. Of course Nashville often gets performances that Atlanta doesn't from many singer-songwriters, such as Lucinda Williams is on a short tour & will play in Nashville but no Atlanta :(

Also I'll add another :( because I won't be able to see Ray Davies in Atlanta.

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I read an article in a national publication about 1-2 months ago that Young absolutely loves Nashville. He said that it gives him a genuine feel. I'm no musician, but I know exactly what he means.

However, every good film has a villian, and in this film, the villian is the new Sun Trust tower.

How so, Splash. A building is a villain? I'm not a fan of the design, but a villain??

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eeeewwww Neil young? "I hope neil young will remember....a southern man don't need him around anyhow!" -Lynard Skynard (in response to NY's insulting "southern man" song)

I thought this would be a fun way to clarify some misconceptions. And if you're gonna misrepresent a band's legacy, well I guess it doesn't really matter that you misspelled their name really badly.

"'Church blew up in Birmingham

Four little black girls killed for no godd*%n

good reason

All this hate and violence can't come to

no good end

A stain on the good name,

A whole lot of good people dragged through

the blood and glass

Blood stains on their good names and all of

us take the blame...

...And out in California, a rock star from

Canada writes a couple of great songs about

the Bad s*&t that went down

'Southern Man' and 'Alabama' certainly

told some truth

But there were a lot of good folks down here

and Neil Young wasn't around

Meanwhile in North Alabama, Lynyrd

Skynyrd came to town

To record with Jimmy Johnson at Muscle

Shoals Sound

And they met some real good people, not

racist pieces of s&%t

And they wrote a song about it and that

song became a hit

Now Ronnie and Neil became good friends

their feud was just in song

Skynyrd was a bunch of Neil Young fans and

Neil he loved that song

So He wrote 'Powderfinger' for Skynyrd to


But Ronnie ended up singing 'Sweet Home

Alabama' to the lord

And Neil helped carry Ronnie in his casket

to the ground

And to my way of thinking, us Southern men

need both of them around

Ronnie and Neil Ronnie and Neil

Rock stars today ain't half as real

Speaking their minds on how they feel

Let them guitars blast for Ronnie and Neil"'

Patterson Hood/Drive-by-Truckers

"Ronnie and Neil"

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