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I've observed the most dead time of the week on UP, with the fewest new posts, is Friday night. Maybe UP forumers "do have a life"? :blush:

Is that a Charlotte thing, or is it true across UP?

I am always going to be on at night now due to the firewall at Wachovia, but I agree that Friday nights and the weekends tend to get slow. People do have things to do when the weekend comes, just not me :P ...


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I will share a few things on this.

The Charlotte Forum is not the busiest on the site anymore, though it is still quite busy. This is mainly due to growth in some of the other forums and not a slow down here.

Generally the two slowest days are Saturday & Sunday with Sunday morning being the slowest, (this is in terms of posts). In terms of posts, our busiest days are Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. It generally a tossup between these 3.

In terms of views, there are almost always at least 100 or more people active on the site and we have been peaking out close to 400 or so active people in the last few weeks. This is generally between 4-6pm EST.

The Charlotte forum did see a dip in posts after the Wachovia firewall went hot but it has recovered. I have posted a solution for the poor Wachoviaites stuck in their cubes all day without acess to UP. PM me if you have questions.

We had a period in January/February when we were having significant webserver problems which caused a lot of downtime. It took us a while to sort through the issues and we ended up investing in a dedicated server for UP which is the biggest reason that we are online all the time and have pretty good response times now. We are still having a few hiccups but we have been experiencing very heavy loads at times. We appreciate your patience as we continue to do some fine tuning.

We have a Discussion Cloud on our Home Page which shows the relative importance of threads here. If you had watched it over the last week the HOF discussions would have been very prominant as well as Charlotte itself. Its pretty interesting to see it change over time and the HOF stuff is fading out. Sadly a lot of you here never go to our Home Page because you directly link into this section without going there. (we know these things)

I hope this answers your questions. If you have others, I will be glad to answer if I can.

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Its all in the family there. We had some hairdressers show up from rival shops in GR and proceeded in a very long thread to accuse the other of injustices that each claimed the other was doing to their customers. They were playing by house rules. i.e. anything in the house could be thrown at the other.

This was before we had good moderation in that forum so it was quite a show for the GR community and anyone here that knew about it. LOL

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