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More football in Pittsburgh


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The Bizjournal has an article this week about the Arena Football League looking at putting a team in Pittsburgh. They site the new arena talks as the factor that could push us over the edge. They also talk about the possibility of the Roneys getting involved with the project. I think it would be awesome to have an AFL franchise. Its a fun sport to watch, but its tough to pull for any one team since we don't have one.

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Great news Tooluther! Do you have a link? Pittsburgh deserves an AFL team especially now that the league has expanded to something like 50 franchises or something. We could always root for the Storm, they are the legacy of the old Pittsburgh Gladiators of the 80's and 90's.

Few realize that Pittsburgh was one of the founding 10 or 12 teams and hosted the world's first Arena Bowl Championship game in 1987. They also played in the 1989 Arena Bowl Championship, alas never won the big one though, left in 92 for Tampa.

Time is long overdue for another AFL team here! It'd be great to have them known as the Gladiators and owned by the Rooney's, that way the record book would show some consistency!

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