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12 South Lexington


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This information is from the architect's website..



Project location: 12 S. Lexington Ave., Asheville, N.C.

Project description: 70,000 s.f. new construction. 7-story mixed use building in downtown Asheville. Project includes retail, office, and residential space.

Expected Completion date: Winter 2004.


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In addition to a number of renovations going on, I can think of a couple reasonably large residential projects underway downtown right now.

Lexington Station, S. Lexington.

Griffin Apartments, Grove Street

There are also four other large projects at varying stages.

Ravenscroft Project - 17 stories (proposed)

Dixon on Biltmore - 12 stories (proposed / requires only staff approval)

Chrysler Building - 10 stories (proposed)

60 N. Market - 9 stories (approved)

I'm still waiting for some intrepid developer to take the plunge and build the tower on the Grove Arcade...

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Thanks for the photos!

Do you think you could take a picture of the progress on the jail expansion and Lexington Station?

Back to 12 S Lexington...

I think the two-story penthouse is a bit strange. The north elevation (facing the alley) isn't the greatest either, which wouldn't matter except that it's next to a shorter building. The rest of 12 S Lexington gets high marks for being urban and dense, and a mediocre score for being boring but passable.

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come on.... asheville is amazing.... this does NOT do her justice. while it may be passable, i can't help but think it was a wasted opportunity. i have high expectations for this city.... i hate to see her be dealt anything less than beautiful.

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I agree it seems that all the new condos going up in downtown Asheville are just plain ugly. This has got to stop and stop right now! Some kind of design review board needs to be setup to review these projects.

The worst offender is the Battery Park Condos where they have a HUGE a/c chiller sitting on the roof that is not screened at all. You can see that thing a mile away.

All this really detracts from the beautiful architecture that exists in Asheville. I don't think anyone is expecting the new buildings to match the old ones in architectural detail or style...but at least make the new ones respectable.

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