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Tower Theater to be Renovated

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OKCers usually know about the Tower Theater- if you've ever driven down 23rd St, you've certainly seen it because it's hard to miss with its beautiful old art-deco sign. Unfortunately if you've seen it you've seen how dilapidated it is. That won't be the case anymore- here come more people who have a project that they believe will kickstart the upswing of an entire district.

The 8,000 sf theater will become a new live-music venue. Additionally, 8,000 sf of street-level retail will be created, and above that will be 8,000 sf of nice office space.


from http://okctower.com:


"The Uptown Development Group's mission is to restore a portion of historic NW 23rd, a blighted urban area with 40 years of decline, in to a thriving entertainment and retail district. Restoring and renting the historic theater, retail spaces and offices will anchor the NW 23rd corridor, providing a catalyst for future growth in the area."

"The Uptown Development Group's Tower Theater complex is more than 24,000 square feet of historical property on NW 23rd Street including the landmark Tower Theater. The property, on the original Route 66, is nestled between the historically preserved neighborhoods of Heritage Hills, Jefferson Park and the Paseo Arts District. The group plans on renovating the property under the guidance of Oklahoma Historical Society and the National Parks Service, into a thriving arts and entertainment destination. The property, built in 1926, includes 8000 square feet of retail space on NW 23rd, 8000 sq. ft. of office space (above retail), 50,000 sq. ft. of parking on NW 23rd and the 8000 square foot theater, which was built in 1937."

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