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Where did you hear this??

From another forumer here.

Drawings are complete

Possible retail on lower floors

"Bunch" of other floors

Hoping someone could elaborate more. :whistling: There are several people here involved with this development....

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That's the land owned by Alticor, right?

Could it be anything but an Alticor complex? Just wondering...

They wouldn't sell the land to someone else I wouldn't think.

(based on the track record - I'll probably get built then...)

Exciting!!! java script:emoticon(':yahoo:',%20'smid_26')

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If this is the big Amway parking lot; I'm in disbelief. I've been under the impression those guys were holding onto this land in the hopes of one day building something spectacular. My hope is that they got the inside track on development X and are already planning something complimentary, but I dont think would make sense if a bunch of people have been working on it for a while.

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In this case, loading docks are placed at the front of the building. A garage door is placed within the facade in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. The loading areas are actually inside, so the truck backs in. I've seen several good examples here at the architecture school. The only problem is the driver has gotta have skillz to back in since the garage has street frontage.

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