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Anyone like office parks?


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As a fan of cities, I am somewhat bummed out by a few new large corporate office developments around where I live that will be in office parks rather than in downtown areas. When my favorite mall was dying, seeing its sad tale described on deadmalls.com made me laugh, and I wasn't as bummed out about it then.

Is there anyone at all who likes office parks and suburban office buildings? Perhaps seeing those things from the perspective of someone who likes such things would help me feel better about their constant development at the expense of downtowns.


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What's your fascination with malls? Just a question nothing more, and for me living in Jacksonville, any office park with towers or buildings at least 6-7 floors in height is actually quite nice considering our sprawl and over abundance of 3-5 floor office blocks. I still would prefer to see stuff go downtown, but a 10 floor office building in Southpoint would look cool.

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Ugh. I work in an office park and absolutely hate it. Eventhough it's near a train station it's almost impossible to walk here from it for lack of accommodating sidewalks and crosswalks. For the same reason there's no option to go for a nice walk during lunch break. There's nowhere nearby to eat, so we have to drive to the nearest village downtown (about 2 miles away) and find parking when we want to go out for lunch or even coffee. It's a dreadful, depressing place.

My company's HQ used to be located in Downtown Newark. I'm disappointed they left. Maybe I'll be able to transfer to our small Manhattan office one day. :rolleyes:

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