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O'Toole Boston's first woman police commisioner

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O'Toole sworn in as Boston's first woman police commissioner

By Associated Press, 2/19/2004

Boston Globe article

Boston -- Boston has a new police commissioner.

Kathleen O'Toole was sworn-in this afternoon as the first woman to lead the Boston Police Department.

The 49-year-old Pittsfield native has extensive experience in law enforcement in Massachusetts and also served as state secretary of Public Safety.

O'Toole faces several immediate challenges in her new job, including a recent spike in Boston's murder rate.

Boston is also getting ready to host the Democratic National Convention this summer.

On top of all that, O'Toole will try to help resolve a long-running contract dispute between the city and its rank-and-file police officers. In her remarks today, O'Toole said she was committed to working with union leadership.

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Boston is having a spike in the murder rate recently too? It seems like many cities are right now. The Michigan cities are....Detroit, Flint, & Saginaw have all seen spikes in the murder rate recently.

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