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East River Market master plan

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A proposal by George Birt to create more development downtown. This will be located in the River Market.

1,232 total units are planned for the 4 phase project. All of the four phases are to be completed by 2010.


Right now, there aren't that many (if any) trees located along the street. You can see trees are planned for the roads.

2,105 total parking spaces are also planned

A long needed grocery store is to be built in the first phase.

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A grocery store might seem like a small development, but in reality it is necessary if people really want to live downtown. I'm assuming that right now if you live downtown and want groceries, you'll have to drive out to the suburbs. I'm surprised that there wasn't one already downtown with the number of residents living there, and the thousands more that will come when a number of the residential developments get completed.

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