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  1. 1. Will Atlanta ever top it's peak population?

    • No.
    • Yes, within 5 yrs.
    • Yes, within 10 yrs.
    • Yes, within 20 yrs. or longer

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I think some people in the city are still shocked about the census numbers because of all the growth in some parts of the city.   You are right Unifour and I've seen data that shows how some of the de

From the way I remember it, I was expecting Atlanta to show a slight population decrease for the 2010 census. If you were anywhere near the City of Atlanta before the last census, you remember that th

City of Atlanta now outgrowing suburbs! The article is behind the firewall so I will give a few out the main pointers here:   In 2015, the city of Atlanta issued 6,028 residential build

^How exactly did the city drop the ball? What was the response to that inquiry?

I was not at the meeting... I'm only quoting a client who was... but apparently the City really had no answer...

so increased taxes and no timetable for additional services or improvements... You would have thought that these kinds of questions could have been anticipated... but alas...

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I'm not sure if thats completely accurate. As I understood it, those communities has to get a certain percentage of area residents to sign a petition for the annexation to proceed and some of them were opposed to it from the beginning.

The whole thing sounds completely backwards.

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Wow. I thought ATL (city) was growing at a much faster pace than that. I guess the crowdedness in the city are just people who live in the surrounding areas. Raleigh grows by about 14,000-15,000 people per year conservatively. Both cities are roughly the same size 130+ sq miles. I wouldn't knock Charlotte though, beacuse if you take Charlotte's 1990 square area, it was only 136sq miles, at almost 400,000! I can atleast imagine the original land area population being atleast, if not more than ATL's presently. Maybe around 490,000-505,000. What brought this to my attention was the fact that Raleigh, technically is more dense than Charlotte on paper. However if you're in CLT you can clearly see it's density exceeds Raleigh. The fact still remains that in 1990, Charlotte was roughly the same size as Raleigh, with a larger population than Raleigh currently has. I'm also quite sure that Charlotte in those original boundaries has grown to be about, if not larger than ATL (city)....

It seems ATL's claim to fame, is the fact it's surround by 5+ million people. It's also the center of commerce.

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I was taking some time this afternoon to catch up on some of my old newspapers from this week. There was an article in the AJC detailing the speed in which people are rediscovering the city of Atlanta. The ARC released population increases for the 10 county region. Amazingly the 10 county area (I thought the ARC covered 13 counties) has surpassed the 4,000,000 mark. The city of Atlanta has added roughly 12600 in a year (Apr 2006 - Apr 2007). This is an increase from the previous year's figure of ~9,500. It's good to see that the city is doing some things right that are making the choice of living intown easier. While I personally can not say that I'm a density fanatic, I am glad to see the city healthy.

Another interesting figure was that Fulton county has for the first time, since I can remember at least, added more people than any county in the 10 county region. Yes, surpassing the new citizen juggernaut known as Gwinnett. Fulton added 33,400 new residents from Apr 06 till Apr 07 according to the ARC. Second was Gwinnett at 20600. These numbers show that while many still choose the outer suburbs to live, some are choosing to live closer in. I can not remember when Fulton added more people than Gwinnett. I was probably in high school. Did I just give a hint to my age? :o

This article was in the Friday AJC. I was looking for the online article to post here. I'm sure I could find it if I look really hard.

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In keeping with the topic of the thread.....

The census list the 2006 Atlanta population as 486,411. If I'm not mistaken, these numbers go from June to June. If this is the case then would could summize that Atlanta's population has almost breached 496,000. My figures (I took the ARC's total and divided by 12 to get montly average. I then subtracted the average of April, May and June to get a June 06 to April 07 figure). That gives me 495,861. Using the numbers provided, I think we should surpass the 496,973 figure.....ummmm...already since it's one and a half months beyond June 07. :P

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Amazingly the 10 county area (I thought the ARC covered 13 counties) has surpassed the 4,000,000 mark.

I've managed to dump most of the knowledge I gained in the past year, but from memory - 10 counties is the 'official membership' to the ARC. 13 counties is the ARC's federal mandated planning area which is based on EPA non-attainment. There is of course additional EPA non-attainment levels which covers 18 counties which the ARC plans to expand their population modeling to.

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I've managed to dump most of the knowledge I gained in the past year, but from memory - 10 counties is the 'official membership' to the ARC. 13 counties is the ARC's federal mandated planning area which is based on EPA non-attainment. There is of course additional EPA non-attainment levels which covers 18 counties which the ARC plans to expand their population modeling to.

Thank you Shadohy....I'm sure your recollection is probably right.

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One should note that the US Census and ARC estimate's of the City of Atlanta's population differ significantly : 451,600 (ARC) vs. 486,411 (USC) for 2006. The results are due to different methodologies, so a timetable for passing the peak (not to mention 500,000) depends on whose numbers you believe.

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Looks like it may have happened. Only, 2 Years after I started this topic...

AJC: Seattle mayor: Make growth work for city - (04.11.2008)

..........................................ATLANTA ............SEATTLE

Favorite drink............................Coca-Cola...........Starbucks coffee

Land area (square miles)..................132.................84

Population (2008 estimate)................500,638.............590,792


(people per square mile)..................3,793...............7,033

Commute time to work for city residents...26 minutes..........25 minutes

Percent who carpool,

take public transportation, walk, bike or

work from home...........................35 percent...........45 percent

Median age...............................35...................39

Estimated median value of

owner-occupied homes.....................$221,880.............$435,980

Education: People 25 years and older

with at least a high school diploma......82 percent...........92 percent

Total parkland as percent of

city land area...........................5 percent............11 percent

Growth from 2000 to 2008.................20 percent...........5 percent

Estimated per capita income..............$31,159..............$35,506

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau; The Trust for Public Land; marketing research firm Claritas Inc. Compiled by Nisa Asokan

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So this topic was created 2 years ago, so whoever picked within 5 years - you're correct!

Interestingly, this shows how cynical most have been that Atlanta could ever resurrect like it has - 33% thought it would take over 10 years (past 2016) & 12% thought it would take over 20 years (past 2026). Worse of all, 9% thought it would never happen.

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Hey everyone! I managed to get ahold of a computer here at Jacksonville Beach again.

I think it's pretty amazing that the city has come this far. It's great just to see people moving back into the city, but now we've surpassed our old high mark for population--that's just great! I must say I'm just a little surprised.

I think I was proven wrong here. I think I voted within ten years. However, it was so long ago that I've forgotten which option I actually voted for.

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Its amazing how fast the city surpassed the all-time high from the 70's. And I genuinely believe that we've only scratched the surface of what the city will be. The amount of developable land within a couple of miles of the heart of the city is really unbelievable.

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Well, according to the latest Census figures, Atlanta now has 537,958 people, which is an increase of 17,950 people from July of last year (when there were 520,368 living in the city).

It's great to hear that more people are moving into the city. Perhaps we'll break 550,000 next year!

The AJC has some more information on the latest population figures from the Census Bureau here.

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I.C., You mean, THEY will break 550,000 next year, since you don't live in the city of Atlanta :P

Yeah, I guess you're right. Then again, I hear people from Villa Rica and Carrollton telling me they're from Atlanta, so I'm not the worst offender ;) It's a lot easier for people to recognize where I'm from if I tell them I'm from Atlanta, though.

I think this proves that Atlanta is certainly urbanizing and densifying; there's no doubt about it.

Yeah, that's what's so great about it. The population increase hasn't come from annexations made by the city. It's actually from people moving into the existing border of the city. I can only hope that this treand continues in the future.

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I'm surprised no one has posted about this since the 2010 results were made available.

The census placed Atlanta's 2010 population at a disappointingly low 420,003 and Fulton with 920,581 about 100k below official estimates. Even DeKalb, which had expected significantly slower growth than in the 90's, had a small gain from 665,865 to 691,893 about 50k below estimates. College Park and East Point showed significant declines after gains in the 90's. Cobb was pegged about 30k fewer than expected and Clayton about 20k lower.

Previous census counts have been challenged, but rarely successfully. Whether or not the 2010 will be challenged by Atlanta and the core counties remain to be seen, but most officials are saying the Hispanic population was undercounted in the region, which would revise the statewide 96% increase to over 100% increase in Hispanic population.

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