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Starting a new thread (my first!) as a spin off from discussion in the RBC thread...

Some folks were talking about meeting for lunch next week to celebrate RBC, etc.

I don't work downtown, so can't do lunch :( Maybe someday, but not next week!

Is there anyone else like me who might prefer dinner instead? Perhaps at Mecca (right across the street!) Or the Captiol Room on Fayetville St, or Woodys, El Rodeo, the new Zydeco (not sure what prices are there yet) etc. in City Market. Pooles (right near the new CC) I'm not picky, but looking to spend less than 42nd Street/Sullivans money.

I'm booked/on call through Thurs Dec 15th, but am open after that...

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A dinner sounds good to me. Should we wait till after the holidays?

If we do dinner, we need to do it right. We need to plan other activities around downtown.

any ideas?

I'm still doing lunch one day next week. I work downtown and eat out about twice a week.

I try to spend $5 to $7 for lunch. Since I'm the newcomer to the forum I have not meet any one yet.

I'm looking foward to meeting all of you.

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Initially there was talk of meeting for lunch sometime this week, but I don't know what happed to that, or if that discussion was continued off this board...

I counter-suggested dinner for those of us who can't make it for lunch to gague interest, but so far it's been "I'm interested" without saying the interest is in lunch, dinner, both, or whatever.

For dinner, I am thinking sometime in early-mid January 2006 to kickoff the new year, since schedules for the rest of December are probably full for most.

The exact date? I'm pretty open most nights.

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Since Spring is on its way and Downtown Raleigh is pretty much a huge construction zone right now, I thought it would be a good time to have a meetup and check out everything that's going on. I was thinking sometime in Mid-April on a Saturday or Sunday, whatever works best for the most folks. We could meet at City Market or somewhere pretty central and eat lunch and go for a walk around downtown.

I know its been tried before, but the logistics of it didn't work out. So, if you're interested in getting together, post in this forum or PM me and I'll try to figure out what is best for everybody.

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I'm thinking April 22nd will work the best, as the weekend before is Easter and many might not be able to make it due to family plans.

So -- hows this:

What: UP Triangle Forum Meetup

When: April 22 at Noon

Where: Woody's at City Market

Let me know how this works for everyone, and hopefully we'll have a nice weather day!

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