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Alabama Roads and Highways

Which Highway Project is Most Important?  

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  1. 1. Which Highway Project is Most Important?

    • Birmingham: Northern Beltline
    • Birmingham: US 280 Improvements
    • Birmingham, West Alabama: Interstate 22
    • Huntsville: Southern Bypass/Patriot Pkwy
    • Huntsville: Memorial Parkway Overpasses and Service Roads
    • Huntsville: Alabama 53 Widening
    • Huntsville: I-565 Extension East
    • Huntsville, North Alabama: Memphis-Huntsville-Atlanta Interstate
    • Montgomery: Southern Betline
    • Montgomery: I-65 Improvements
    • Montgomery, Black Belt: I-85 West Extension
    • Mobile: Western Bypass
    • Mobile: US 98 Widening
    • Mobile: I-10 Mobile River Bridge/Bayway
    • Other (explain)

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Well I failed at uploading a map I had made of what I believe would be the best Heavy traffic routes across the state that have yet to be built etc etc

Instead, I'll just discuss what I believe should be done -

Interstate Highways:

1- Memphis-Huntsville-Atlanta Highway: I know this will never be completed in its entirety, but I believe this would benefit the entire Northern part of the state, as well as its small affiliations with Southern/Central Tennessee. Starting from Mississippi in Colbert County, crossing the Tennessee River and running slightly to the north of Florence and Muscle Shoals area. Following parallel to US 72 to the North of Athens and Northern sections of Madison before dipping down to cross over I-565 to make the Patriot Parkway plans through the Arsenal and south Huntsville at Hobbs Island, on through New Hope to the north of Grant in Marshall County, crossing back over the Tennessee River north of Guntersville and eventually crossing into Georgia to link into Rome (or wherever) out of DeKalb county. As stated, I know the superhighway will never come to completion due to politics between the states, ALDOT, etc etc...but this is just purely my idea of the best route. I do believe the Patriot Parkway does need to be built to help construct a full bypass around the city.

2 - Extension of I-565: The extension of I-565 from Interstate 65 into Decatur as well as a continuation and eventual end completely over Chapman Mountain in Huntsville to turn into Limited Access Huntsville - Chattanooga Highway

3 - Extension of I-459: With the completion of I-22 looming in the next decade, why not complete the I-459 loop around Birmingham? Connect from its current end on I-59 towards I-65 around the Fultondale/Gardendale area before dipping Southwest towards crossing over I-22 and eventually tying back in with itself south of Bessemer.

4- Interstate 22: Completion of the interstate is soon to be complete with the tie into I-65/US 31, but why not somehow continue its route towards Columbus, GA and eventually have I-22 connect with I-75 in Valdosta, GA? After meandering through Birmingham, it would roughly follow US 280 southeast through Childersburg, on through Alexander City with a small direct east route to go around Lake Martin before heading back towards Auburn/Opelika. After passing through the Auburn area (I picture directly between Opelika and Auburn around Gateway Drive) where it would intersect with I-85 before continuing southeast south of US 280/431 through Phenix City (mainly through the south of the city) before crossing the river into Georgia. Just my idea, and it would be ideal to have to eventually connect with I-75, I think it would help with directing South Florida traffic through Alabama more directly if say traffic was heading towards Memphis/St. Louis/Chicago, etc etc.

5- Interstate 85: Proposals for an extension of I-85 from Montgomery to I-20/59 close to the Mississippi border would be extremely ideal IMO. Take away the arguments about economic growth through Selma/Demopolis and the Black Belt. This sounds very immature but it simply makes sense. I-20 runs through Dallas/ Ft. Worth and having to freight or travel to Atlanta is already connected by this interstate, but what for the drivers (like me) that like to travel the different roads through different areas of a state? Yes, it also leads into Atlanta this route, but it pulls traffic tourism through the Belt, through the capital, through Auburn/Opelika. It just helps benefit the area IMO.

Limited-Access Highways/Bypasses (Not interstates):

1 - Huntsville-Chattanooga Highway (Corridor V): Beginning where I-565 ends, with limited access through Gurley, Scottsboro, Stevenson on into where US 72 meets I-24 in Tennessee. This road is traveled alot more than some think. I drive from Huntsville to Scottsboro often, and even that small portion is getting busier and busier. The main thing I would do, is at major intersections simply have an overpass to allow a light and traffic below to carry on. Elsewhere, no lights, but access to the highway is granted. Through Gurley there would be one intersection where the Eastern bypass from US 431 will eventually tie into US 72. Scottsboro already has two over pass areas ( I believe) the only other part would be another one between these two major areas. As far as I know the rest of the road has overpasses somewhat except in Stevenson and Hollywood, but those could easily be done.

2 - Northern Bypass (Huntsville) - Plans are on the table already for a limited access bypass area continuing from Jordan Lane around the city to the North. From Jordan Lane/ AL 53, would continue on through US 431/231 and eventually continue south east towards US 72 (Corridor V plan), where it could possibly tie directly into the Eastern Bypass, but I don't believe this will happen.

3 - Southern Bypass (Decatur-Hartselle Bypass) - construct a bypass from ALT US 72 south around the western sides of Decatur and south around Hartselle before turnining East and crossing over US 31 and tying into I-65.

4 - Tuscaloosa-Montgomery Highway - I travel between these two cities constantly with school in Tuscaloosa and work/fun in Montgomery. South of Tuscaloosa along US 82 there already is a 4-laned road directly into Centreville where it appears this 4-laned portion instantly ends. US 82 takes a 2 laned form from here all the way into Prattville. This road is getting more heavily used and needs to be created to a faster limited access highway between these two cities. A two laned road doesn't cut it anymore. My plan would be along the lines of the Corridor V route mentioned earlier; overpasses through major roads and intersections, no stops the rest of the way. The stop signs for other roads are allowed to access the road, but no lights to slow down traffic. Continue this highway all the way to Prattville, where it naturally ties into I-65.

4A - TUS/MONT Highway II - Now my idea would be to continue this highway across the interstate and through North Montgomery before turning south to cross I-85 and connect into US 231.

5 - Tuscaloosa Bypass - Plans are already in motion for a Bypass around the North of the city and north of Northport to tie into the Western Tuscaloosa-Northport Bypass where a tolled bridge resides. The tie in from I-20/59 is to be just before the Cottondale/Coaling exit. Why not continue this bypass to the south as well from I-20/59 towards US 82 heading south out of Tuscaloosa?

Tolled Roads:

1 - West Alabama Freeway: This is a ridiculous and ludicrous idea to some, creating a quick access from Florence through Tuscaloosa to Mobile, but if it is a tolled road, with a simple one time payed access per use, this concept could work. Begin the Freeway in Florence (I had the Freeway tying in with the Memphis-Atlanta Highway) more towards the West of the central city. Crossing the River through Sheffield and winding south roughly following US 43. Once south of Russellville, it splits away from US 43 following AL 13 through Haleyville and linking back with 43 just east of Fayette. The freeway could then head through the West of Northport and Tuscaloosa (I actually had it using the Tolled Bridge on the city's western bypass instead of building another bridge across the Black Warrior) and continuing south. Going west of Demopolis to cross the Tombigbee and continuing to roughly snake with US 43. West of Thomasville and eventually linking in with I-65 just North of Mobile where I-65 cross the river. If tolls were set up at certain areas, maybe only two exits per county (yes...only two per county) High speed traffic towards the coast would be attained without having to sit on 43 and deal with traffic.

2 - Montgomery - Panama City Tollway: Plans are under way already for a tolled road from Panama City, FL using 231 as a basis to snake its way north, crossing I-10, continuing north towards Dothan where it bends back through Troy and into Montgomery. I have the Tuscaloosa/Montgomery Highway around the city linking into this tolled road

3 - Gulf Coast Express - Tolled road from I-65 to Orange Beach/Gulf Shores. There already exists a tolled road (Orange Beach Express? or Foley Express?) so why not continue this Expressway north, crossing I-10 and meeting into I-65 just as the interstate crosses into Baldwin County?

Just my ideas...and many think along the same lines I'm sure.

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