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USA Today Article mentioning Grand Rapids

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There was an article in today's (3/17/06) USA Today about the resurgence of the Atlantic coastal community of Asbury Park (Yes, Springsteen's Asbury Park). A good read about what Asbury Park is doing to revitalize itself:

  • A $1.3B 56 acre condo project.

  • $5M boardwalk restoration

  • Gay community refurbishing Victorian homes.

A good read if you're interested. Page 3A

In a side box of the article, it listed 3 other cities that are "Bouncing Back"

Long Branch, NJ

Providence, RI

Grand Rapids, MI

Here's the blurb about GR:

"A city that had long been losing manufacturing jobs has gained at least 5,160 jobs in the past three years, and more than 380 homes were built in 2005, Deputy City Manager Eric DeLong says. The city is benefiting from a campaign to attract more technology and research-base businesses. Its revitalized downtown is attracting suburbanites, empty nesters, and young professionals, sys economic development director Susan Shannon." -- By Charisse Jones

Just thought I'd share.

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