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Metro County and city slogans


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Can anybody think of some funny county and city slogans? How about, you know you're an Atlantan when.. jokes.

You know you're an Atlantan when you have to get on the highway to go to the grocery store

You know you're an Atlantan when you loot the supermarket everytime there's a dusting of snow

How bout' this:

Gwinnett: Hope your car is comfortable

Peachtree City: So plastic it's owned by rubbermaid

Alpharetta: Nobody's actually from here

College Park: Come enjoy the crunk

Dunwoody: Yeah... I don't think you can afford this

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"Welcome to Arbor Place Mall.......Did I say Arbor Place Mall? I meant 'Welcome to Douglasville'"

Now for a short joke.

Atlanta is know as a place where both Civil War and Civil Rights are of great importance. The city has maintained a very delicate balance between the two. You know you're an Atlantan when you've got a park named for a famous slave owner (John C. Calhoun) located next to the Martin Luther King Memorial.

......Yes, I'm a history nerd.

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