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Entertainment in our area

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We have a lot of local talent, culture and entertainment....way more than than our share in some ways. We could do more to nurture and to market it. It's not all about classical music, either. We have very capable entertainers in many styles.

All I can comment on is pretty subjective, and mostly concernes the club scene. As an older guy, I wish that more clubs and musical venues held more reasonable hours. The 10:00 pm to 2:00 pm hours are o.k for hard core drunks and a few other restless souls, but they sure don't work for me and my friends. I love playing music, but the hours and the lifestyle just aren't for me anymore, so I've all but given up performing. Also, these crowds aren't particularly receptive to original or very creative musical expression--but that's another topic. The smoke is another red flag for me. I used to do 3 packs a day many years ago, and it was the hardest thing to give up. I don't like breathing the crap any more, but this is Virginia. I think Virginia is out to kill me. Oh, I get it. Virginia is for lovers. Love and Death

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