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Historic Photo Find of Flint, MI

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Here are some historic photos of Flint I found on the Making of Modern Michigan website I thought you guys might enjoy seeing. I hope you haven't seen them before:

Saginaw Street looking south from the Pere Marquette Railroad (1901):


St. Michael Catholic Church (1900) - Is this one still standing?


Interurban arriving in Flint (1901):


The first Flint-made Buick on E. First near Saginaw (1904):


Saginaw Street as a circus comes to town (1905):


A shantytown near around the Buick Motors Company plant (1910):


The new McLaren General Hospital (1951)


Buick workers on their way home (either late 1930's or early 1940's)


Buick complex (1920):


Chevrolet complex (1920):


Looks like the Interurban (1921):


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I just love the 5th picture. You can see a sign for Citizens Bank, just goes to show ya Flint still has its identity.

That St. Michaels is no longer standing. I believe the current building (1950's) was built on the same location at Saginaw and Robert T.

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Just curious and maybe nobody knows, but are those anti-aircraft guns I see behind the bus in the picture right below the pic of McClaren (8th pic down from top). If it is from the 40's, I can see how AA guns might make sense seeing as how the Government took over the factories for war industry. It's just that I've never seen anything like that before. Hmm, curious :dontknow:

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