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Freep: delivery issues, other developments?

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Yes, this is on topic!

Summer 2004 I finally moved to Grand Rapids. (Don't laugh, it's a great place, and I am very happy living in west Michigan with my 10-minute commute and walk-to-downtown lower flat.) Except that my beloved Sunday Freep has gone missing this year.

Seems like this began to (not) happen right about the time it was announced that the Sunday paper would un-merge and become all Freep. (With the JOA, the two Detroit dailies began to colloborate on weekend & holiday editions. My understanding is that the Snooze--I mean, The Detroit News--will be putting out the Saturday paper, and my beloved Freep will do Sunday by its/themself.)

My home delivery ceased with Super Sunday (since I was down at the epicenter, had ample opportunities to stop by a dozen Meijerses on the way home). But it's continued to not appear on my doorstep, and the customer service options seem to have dwindled to "we'll extend your sub."

One of the four Meijer gas stations I tried last night told me that they typically get only two Detroit Sunday papers, and they are always gone early. Supply and demand 101. This suggestst that it's not a problem with home delivery or one carrier missing one dedicated subscriber's house.

Insider info? Explanation? Seems a bit odd since the local office went way above and beyond on a favor last year (delivering a couple back issues of the Yak to my then-office at City Hall).

Above and beyond...you too?

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About delivery of the Sunday paper, the State Manager for home delivery is Mike Crandell. His number is 1-800-472-8072. People should call customer service right away when they don

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