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NFL Commissioner Tagliabue to Retire

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I stumbled upon this while searching news results for Atlanta.

NFL commissioner Tagliabue to retire

NEW YORK - Paul Tagliabue is leaving the NFL, and he's leaving it both peaceful and prosperous.

The 65-year-old commissioner will step down in July after 16 years, his tenure marked by labor harmony and unprecedented riches through television deals.

He will, however, stay on as a senior executive and a consultant until 2008.

The top candidates to replace him are the NFL's chief operating officer Roger Goodell and Atlanta general manager Rich McKay. Dick Cass, owner of the Baltimore Ravens, is also considered to be a candidate.

So, what are your thoughts on this?

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gov jeb bush of florida was offered the position -- but declined -- any new news on who the frontrunners are?

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