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What makes a city bikeable?

Most important factor for bikeability?  

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  1. 1. Which factor is the most important in city bikeability?

    • Many dedicated off-street bicycle paths
    • City streets with striped bicycle lanes
    • Wide arterial streets for "sharing the road"
    • Bike racks everywhere
    • Strong biking culture
    • Appropriate terrain, whether hilly or flat
    • Appropriate weather for biking

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The bikeable cities thread has posted many great ideas for bikeable cities, but many have been posted for different reasons. I am wondering which factors are considered to be the most integral to making a city bikeable.

My thought is that the answers will vary depending on biking skill level or preference. I am very much a novice and prefer dedicated bicycle paths/trails as opposed to riding on city streets. I know more "expert" riders who prefer cycling on streets/roads with marked bike lanes or wider roads with "share the road" facilities that are meant to accomodate bicycles, which allow them to travel faster than sharing a path with pedestrians.

Mountain bikers may prefer rough, untamed terrain or dedicated areas for mountain biking.

I grew up in Minnesota. Though "the TC" has a strong trail system for bicycles, it is really only feasible for many of us to ride those trails 5-7 months out of the year. A city with a lesser system, but warmer weather may be more attractive for cycling or mountain biking.

Pardon me for this over-simplification, but biking in Boulder is probably quite different than biking in NYC or Pittsburgh. So, lets hear your thoughts and please add ideas if they aren't included in the poll.

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