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Pigeon parade 2006

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For strictly historical purposes thought I would save it for eternity here (one of the main reasons I founded this forum was to chronicle the events and successes of the Pittsburgh region in our own words and views).

So here it is the great Pigeon parade of 2006, SWAT, ERTs, State Police Helicopters, Hazmat robots, Interstate tunnel closures, great great stuff. In all seriousness though, I am glad that the police took this seriously and responded pretty well (though they struggled for almost and hour to nail down the exact building).





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Last week we even got some free ad time on the world's most watched fake news show ;)

When you get there click on this pic:


and watch till about 2:00 to go, at 1:30 Pittsburgh is shown in all it's pigeon rapid response glory for a elongated commentary screen shot ;).

If we weren't famous before . . . :D

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