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UNC-Charlotte Construction


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On 8/20/2021 at 1:35 PM, DownEast said:

Blue Devil = Trust fund kid from New Jersey.

The NYC metro has tons of students and alumni at Duke.  Here's one of the more famous New Yorkers who are currently at Duke.



Jerry Seinfield and his wife, Jessica, were seen at Parker & Otis in Durham on Tuesday for Duke move-in day.

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15 hours ago, cltcane said:

I’m partial to the University of New Jersey at Durham.

I go to Duke a lot, and there are tons of Range Rovers, BMWs, and Benzes with NY, CT, and NJ plates.  That being said, Duke is like the Ivys in that most of the alumni live in the NYC metro.   As I recall, most Duke alums live in NC, but the Tristate Area has the second most.  Similarly, Boston has the most Harvard alums, but NY has the second most.  For all other Ivies though, most alumni live in NY.  

It's not surprising though because NY is the richest city in America by a very wide margin, and hyper-competitive people want to be there.  It's why they keep building $100m+ condos to this day, along with 1,000'+ office towers everywhere, culminating with the new 1,646' 175 Park.  Whether people like NY or not, it is the undisputed power center.   It's not for everyone, but there is just nothing remotely like it.

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