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How not consolidating could kill you

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Talk about a "Keystone Kops" classic (wasn't the whole point of those shorts to show how LOTS of chiefs an NO indians can be just so, so funny--or so pathetically sad), it now takes 12 months longer on average to protect the citizens and business people, tourists and your family members from street thugs in this city--why? Because Pittsburgh unlike much of the rest of 21st century urban America (even "old school" non-annexing cities like Miami have xferred much of their oversight and logisitics to or with "MetroDade" police, in essence consolidating all services short of name) insists that a criminal on one block of Penn Ave. is under this jurisdiction and another urban block of Penn is under a totally different jurisidiction, it gets even more interesting as you keep going 10 blocks east, oh so many Keystones so little time.

This was a fantastic LOCAL response to crime when it took you 2 hours to cruise through Wilkinsburg and a whole day to travel the Penn/9 corridor that now takes about 20 min. So next time you think you're protected in America's safest metro (seriously we are but more because of the citizens then the 190 chiefs), remember that for the most violent our 190 Keystones is like stealing candy from a baby.

The solution to this says Grant street . . . . C-O-N-S-O-L-I-D-A-T-E . . . at least the gun detective units of the city, county and surround munis. And to think how much safer we would be today if we stopped believing the propaganda against metro govt. and just kept going with this "great idea" of consolidation :)

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