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Lunchtime Stroll

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Beautiful sunny day in downtown Nashville.

A look up Deaderick Street.


Union Street


Church Street looking good. Nashville's one block of Manhattan


Second Avenue was bustling.


Lower Broad was filling up with tourists.


The view from the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge.


Looking back on Second.


Even First Avenue is looking good.


Wonder what Cap'n Ryman is thinking


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The last picture is very artistic. Great stuff!!!!

Casey and I had a picnic at the Parthenon this evening as a matter of fact. Lovely time.

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Great pics. Thanks. Just looking at these reminds me of how beautiful Nashville really is. Damn, I love the river. I've got to get up there soon, or I'm gonna burst.

In the second to last photo (the one of the riverfront), I saw the building that I've only recently noticed in photos. It's the taller one that is next to the Market Street Brewery. It has an interesting roofline with something that looks like a gallery style window wall. It also appears to be uneven.

So is that new? Was it just added to the top of the building, or did the owners have to cut away part of the roof... It actually looks like part of the side wall of the roof was indeed cut. It looked like an optical illusion the first time I saw it in a photo.

Anybody know anything about this?

And Dave, what kind of trees are those along the riverfront? They look great.

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Brain, the wall of windows is to a private apartment, one of the first to go to Second. It's been there for years. Very large, the entire floor. I'm not sure who lives there now.

The trees along the river are fairly new cherry trees. The originals were a gift from Nissan and had become a bit fragile. This type, I can't name, will be a better variety for the long term. Give them a few years and stand back. Beautiful.

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Thanks for the nice comments, all. I enjoy sharing my view of our town with the rest of the world.

We are lucky to live in one of the world's great Cities.

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