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Miesian Corners

NC Atlas Online

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Our rules here generally don't allow advertizing for websites especially when the first thing presented is a link to go buy a book.

Maybe that was a bad choice in a page to post here so I will give you the benefit of the doubt. I have some criticism for your professor if he is still in active development. First I wish it didn't use quicktime as that forces a fairly intrusive download from Apple and it puts people using Linux at a disadvantage.

And this is particularly disturbing.


We Recommend Internet Explorer 6.0 or Above for Optimal Viewing of This Site

That is a really bad recommendation. It cuts out everyone except for Windows users and there are huge security issues with the continued use of IE. If they want it to be useful for all users, it needs to be browser independent.

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Sorry about the "for sale" part. I thought that since it is developed and sold through the Earth Sciences and Geography Department of UNC, it would be different. The update that the page takes the reader to is free.

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