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Demonbreun Street Debate

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I originally posted the following monologue in its more-or-less original form on the Demonbreun Street forum, but nobody read it so I thought I would do the obnoxious thing and replay it on a new forum. Some of the stuff below is an emotional plea, but I think it also raises an important question as to the Nature of Urban Planet. Why are we here, Lord?


Here are some nice things: the cardboard buildings on Demonbreun are human scaled in their general massing, they are set along the sidewalk (even where buffered by brick pillboxes/outdoor dining cubicles), and they go along together in a continuous and connected course of "fa

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The problem with this thread is that NewTowner you state you posted it to be somewhat obnoxious and that it didn't get feedback in its original thread. Now I am all for you starting a new thread to discuss issues you want to bring up, but don't repost stuff and state you are doing it to be obnoxious, that just won't lead to a healthy discussion I feel.

Again, feel free to start a new original thread, but try not to use framing language that might be construed by some as an invitation to have a more confrontational dialogue with you on your topic. Its my job as moderator to try to prevent that and keep dialogue on these forums civil, so thats why I moderated this thread after some thought on it.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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