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Boston's new convention center


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Financing was just awarded for a 200' hotel that will be built next to it. There is also a 1.6 million sqft complex with two hirises about to start construction across the street. A 500 unit highrise apartment complex is about to go up down the street. A 3 million sqft complex with hotels, residential and a museum has all its permits for one of the big parking lots in the photos. This whole area will be transformed in the next 5 years.

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Cotuit - I should modify my statemnt. The whole place will be transformed in the next 5 years, but there will still be some unbuilt areas left over. This is my opinion. Right now, all that is U/C in the area is the manul life tower, the convention center, and the apartments near Jimmy's, and they are just starting. The convention hotel will start this spring or summer. I think the core block will be going within year. If the economy stays decent for awhile, world trade center south and fan pier will start within the next 5 years. Boston's residential market seems good. Its class A office market is OK, but the market for subpremium space is still slowly improving. There will be space put back from the Fleet/BOA merger and that may slow things down.

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