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Knoxville Area

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I moved your thread her because folks in the know who could help you with information on the good areas of town, schools, commutes, etc. are more likely to see it here. There is also a referal link in the TN Coffee House that other folks can find this thread if they had helpful information.

Remember though we are not a job or realty site, so all the information we can provide is relative to urban aspects of the city relating to our forumers opinions in regards to neighborhoods, schools, commutes, etc., which most of our forumers are more than willing to provide and discuss.

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Mike, my wife is from Knoxville. She attended Bearden High (public) on the far west side of town. Knox is a great city for families. Other good cities are Farragut (very good public schools), Maryville (not sure about schools), North Knoxville (growing very fast, but not familiar with it). Plus, there are scads of private schools. Chief among them are Catholic HS and Webb School.

If you fly out on business often, I'd encourage looking around the western area of Knox or in Blount Co. where the airport is. I'm unsure about the schools in Blount, but it's growing fast with lots of families. Maryville (Blount county seat) is an absolutely beautiful small city. It has a Presbyterian college there.

The Knoxville area is a generally white collar area. The population tends to be well educated. West Knox/West Town/Farragut are probably the most affluent areas outside of Cherokee (near the university). There are also a lot of new developments in west Knox county and Loudon County on the lake and golf course communities. That area might be the fastest growing part of TN. The university area (Ft. Sanders, Hollywood, Riverside) Bearden Hill) are more artsy/liberal areas. Another great neighborhood of large older homes is Holston Hills (with golf course) on the near east side of downtown. As in other cities, loft/condo development DT is booming. There are new developments on the river on the other side of DT. A plan for the riverfront park on the south side was just funded too! The north side was completed just a couple of years ago.

Knox also has a very nice zoo for a city its size. Also there are the Women's Basketball HOF, and the energy labs at Oak Ridge (ORNL). Of course there's UT in town and the mountains only 30 mins. The minor league Smokies are in Sevierville 20 minutes to the east on I-40.

Overall, I think Knoxville is just about to hit its stride. The metro population is close to the sweet spot of 800,000. The city itself is a bit spread out for a county of 420,000 (city limits are rather small at 180,000), but natural barriers keep things in an East-West orientation. Probably among the most beautiful scenery of any city in the south.

Where are you moving from? If you want to know anything specific, feel free to ask. I'll ask my wife. :)

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