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Police crack down on I-49 speeders through Shreveport

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I have noticed, for at least the last week, during both the morning and afternoon rush, my radar detector goes nuts when I'm zipping down I-49 from south Shreveport into downtown. Of course, when my radar detector goes nuts in an area where it's normally silent, it's going to get my attention and I'm going to immediately slow down.

Up until a week or so ago, I would be going 70-80 mph in a 60 mph zone on I-49 and literally get passed like I was sitting still. Now that's scary, because I was already breaking the limit by 10-20 miles, so for someone to have passed me like that, they had to be going nearly 100 mph. And that was daily, and multiple times as well. The left-hand lane was literally like a free-for-all speedway. Don't get in that lane unless you want to get your Metro or Focus, or whatever crackerbox car you drive, plowed by Bubba in his 4x4 truck going 100 mph.

I will say, while I hate driving 60 on a freeway as wide as I-49 (feels like I'm going 35 or 40 mph) I do feel there's a much better chance of making it home to my wife at least one more time. I've gotten into a routine. When I get on I-20 at Haughton, I get up to 72 mph and set the cruise. When I get closer to Bossier City, I have to click the cruise off because the traffic gets too thick. But once I'm through Bossier and downtown Shreveport, and I get off I-20 onto I-49, I set the cruise at 60-62 and roll with it.

the I-49 crackdown story here....

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