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Artistic Lighting Towers in Cen. Olympic Park/Ga Dome


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I've visited Atlanta annually for decades now and admire the way ATL can get projects done. Can anyone help me do a little history from the 90's?

When the plans for Centennial Olympic Park were drawn up, were the light towers in the original plan? Were they funded as a part of the whole project or sponsored by a single corporate entity, for instance? Was there any public debate over those light features or did they just "happen"?

What about the 16 white, tapered light towers between the Ga Dome and the Phillips Arena? Was there any big nasty fight over those or did they "just happen"?

The reason I am asking is because a plan for privately financed, decorative lighting in downtown Raleigh got mysteriously nixed yesterday after much of the planning process was done. People around Raleigh either loved them or hated them. Most of the haters used the word "tacky". What would Atlanta have done if these chandeliers were used for COP??? (to explain them, it is a sand colored base and a cluster of lit, dichroic glass triangles. Dichroic glass basically looks brown until light is put on or through it and then it glows with different colors depending on the angle of diffraction.)

I'd love to hear what the angle from some in the know in Atlanta think. Thanks!



Denied Proposed Raleigh Chandeliers by Cork Mareschi.


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Talk about a vibrant downtown! *bah-dum-ching*

Since I'm relatively new to the area, I don't really know anything about the history of COP or GA Dome lighting. My first reaction to the illustration above is that they look a bit out-of-place for what appears to be an older, but preserved area. Meanwhile, the lights in Atlanta you refer to were erected in areas of newer construction. I'm all for lighting up downtown areas, but maybe they could do something a little more in line with the age of the area?

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I would imagine that the finished project would have been less colorful. If so then the rendering hurt the project. They look too Marti Gras for my tasted. Raleigh and Atlanta both suffer from the same identity crisis; what does it mean to be a modern Southeastern city??? Do we go the New Orleans party route or try to be sophisticated like Charleston/Savannah or do we go the Atlanta; pretend that you

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