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Citrus Park Development


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I know the area at the corner of Nine Eagles Rd. and Race Track Rd. has been up and coming for some time on the residential front. However they are looking at going with a "new urbanism" feel with mixed use and residential.

I'm trying to find out what projects/ tenants are in the works or on the books for completion.

P.S. I just found this website and it's got lots of great info!!!

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It's too bad Citrus Park Mall got built before new urbanism really took off in Florida. Those surface parking lots are begging for development, much like all the other malls in the metro.

Don't know much about new developments in NW Hillsborough.

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Speaking of Citrus Park.....

The community and surrounding areas in Northwest Hillsborugh has been growing rapidly. When I moved to Tampa in 1984, that particular area west of Dale Mabry Hwy. was mainly rural farmland, today, over 25,000 live in Citrus Park alone (although the official U.S. Census pegged the community at 20,226 in 2000). I believe that full development will occur around the Keystone area up to the Pasco County line (near Trinity/Odessa area).

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