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DHHL Kapolei Regional Mall

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Proposed Site Plan

Site Location in West Oahu

--can see all the developments in Ewa Beach

----Haseko's Ocean Pointe Community and Marina (Under Construction)

------Ocean Pointe Elementary (Open Fall 2006)

------Seagull Early Education Center (2008)

------Marina Facilities and Resort Complex Hoakalei Resort(2008)

------Hoakalei Country Club, Club Corp International...Plaza Club, Honolulu (2008)

----Ewa Gentry Makai

------Golf Course Homes Mauka of Hawaii Prince Golf Club

------Laulani Village, Office and Retail Facilities

----Two (2) Senior Housing complexes

------Kulana Malama

------Franciscan Vistas Ewa

----Zippy's (Late Spring 2006)

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Thanks for the info. I'm still a bit bothered by the "second city" term that seems to get thrown around when referring to Kapolei, cause its just a suburb and most of the development around there has been the cookie cutter type that you see on the mainland. I would really like to see a lot of mixed use developments in the neighborhoods of that area, because despite all the stores around the main strip of Kapolei, you still have to drive to get there for the most part, its not very walkable or convenient for most residents. You know what i mean? :( It's not very city like.

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Blame the backward thinking planners at Group 70 for the masterplan of Kapolei, Developers not progressive enough to think beyond the automobile, and ourselves for perpetuating the need for urban sprawl and for our reliance of the automobile. We need better planners, politicians, and better developers to go beyond the status quo and think outside of the "rock" (box). We need these people to start thinking! They need to go beyond the cookie-cutter paradigm and start investing time in creating strategies for better urban/suburban spaces.

I am wondering what the developers of the Laulani Village commercial development has planned for their 20-acre parcel between planned Ocean Pointe Regional park and the Gentry development. They (Hawaiian Asset Management and Investment Corporation and The Bristol Group) are calling it the "downtown" for the Fort Weaver transit corridor. They began site grubbing and I have not seen any presentaion detailing the scope and magnitude of the project. Will it be a "Lifestyle Center" similar to the Kapolei Commons? The developers have so much potential of creating something new, great, and exciting. I hope they did their homework rather than working on the same tired formula.

I don't get excited just because a new building goes up. The reason why I follow developments on O'ahu is because I am hoping one day soon we-Honolulu's urban creators finally design projects that really work. Let's move into the 21st century and actually utilize some of the lessons learned from over 50 years of urban/suburban planning. Thats when I'll get excited.

I was excited with the potential the Kaka'ako Makai project in creating a "Jewel" for Honolulu. Again, I was disappointed by our archaic mentality to cater to the rich. I am actually glad the project has hit some snags.

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It seems like there isn't much creativity going on, mainly follow trends elsewhere especially in the sprawly west and southwestern states.

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