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The proposed Crosland building in the Gulch

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By the time you read this, you will have already read (in TCP, The Tennessean, NBJ) about the 16-story building Crosland is planning for the Gulch at 701 12th Ave. S. I will soon talk to David Bailey and/or Manuel Zeitlin, the architects for the project, to get their take on the look and function of the tower and will share that info with you. My feeling (and smeagolsfree, the doorman and I discussed this today) is that the building will be very slender. Remember this: The Nashville Crosland office is led by Bill Barkley and Steve Armistead and is located at the top of the L&C Tower. Bill and Steve are HUGE fans of the L&C. Look for a very streamlined and sleek building to rise on the site.

Also of note: the release sent today regarding the project notes work is to begin on Terrazzo no later than the end of spring. Fast forward two years and mentally envision ICON, Terrazzo, Mercury View Lofts and 701 framing 12th and Division. What an intersection. IJDave is salivating at the thought.


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This is almost better than sex and bowling! I said almost....

LOL!! WOW!!!

This could be quite the intersection when it is finished!!

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