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Article on the vitality of West End


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With the ballpark now open and in business, plus the coming of several new residences, the potential is unbelieveable to say the least! The amount of pedestrian traffic along South Main street before and after the game last night was awesome. I'm ready to see restaurants, bars, retailers, and galleries start popping up everywhere in that part of town. It is much too easy to waste. :yahoo:

Great to hear that Port City Java plans a store in The Fieldhouse.

Thanks for the link, gsupstate! :thumbsup:

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The West End is still very active, but have we hit a lull in terms of construction?

Riverplace is not currently constructing anything new, the Ballpark and Field House are built, the Brick Street Lofts, the West End Cottages, and West End Coffee Co are done, and renovations are complete for a lot of the old buildings... In terms of construction, we're not really seeing anything new. The Rhett Street brownstones is the exception, in addition to Pendleton West.

There are a few things in the works. The Tom Croft Rhett Street residential tower, and future Riverplace phases. What do you think we could use more of in the West End? residential? hotels? office space? retail? And Where?

I think the voids between the ballpark and River Street would be nice to have filled, in addition to the gaps between the ballpark and the Warehouse Theater on Augusta Street. Maybe a decent sized hotel or residential development across from the Fieldhouse would produce more retail, restaurant and/or office space interest...?

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Don't forget about the the collision center/towing company directly across Main Street from the ballpark. That is a fairly sizable property that is for sale. It would be perfect for a nice multi-story mixed-use project. I can easily envision something 3-6 stories there with retail on the bottom and residential/office above. Hopefully this corner property will end up in the right hands!

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