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IC Goes to Nashville: PART ONE

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Well, I went up to Nashville for a few days this week. I took a ton of photos there. I'd like to share some with you.

The first part will cover my visit to the Tennessee State Capitol building.

This was one of my favorite parts of the trip. However, to make some pictures show up better (I didn't use flash in the House or Senate chambers), I have chosen to resize them a bit smaller than the others:

Anyways, here we go!

Outside the Building




Hiding the Sun


Andrew Jackson Statue


Andrew Johnson Statue


The War Memorial


Walking Around the Capitol



Inside the Building




Looking Out



--From the Eastern Balcony on the Second Floor


Looking East

--From the Eastern Balcony on the Second Floor


Old Tennessee Supreme Court Chamber



The Senate






The House of Represenatives





And that's it for now! What do you think? :)

Look out for more of my photos over the next few days. Keep an eye out for ones of the skyline, streets, the Hermitage, the Ryman Auditorium, and more! :)

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great shots! i'm glad you went to the capitol building. i've always loved the feel of that place. hope you had a good time!

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IC on tour, I feel we've had a celebrity in town...been reading your posts a long time now.

Great shots. I would imagine lots of folks have never had such a nice close up tour of this grand old building.

If I may, here's a little history to accompany your pix. From

Federal fort during Union occupation:

The majestic Tennessee State Capitol, completed in 1859, is located on a high hill in downtown Nashville. It was one of the most magnificent public buildings of its time, anywhere in the U.S.

The distinctive tower is designed after the monument of Lysicrates in Athens, Greece. The architect, William Strickland, died in 1854 and is entombed above the cornerstone. The exterior and interior walls are massive blocks of limestone.

During the Union occupation of Nashville (1862-65), the Capitol was tranformed into Fortress Andrew Johnson. The artillery located there never had to be fired in battle, but were used for drills and celebrations.

View from State Capitol during the War.

The Capitol, still in use by state government, features numerous works of art, historical murals and frescos, portraits, massive chandeliers, the House and Senate chambers and library, and the Governor

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It is a very unique State Capitol Building in that it sits like a Greek temple on its own acropolis. It does not have a dome and is kind of small, but it still stands out and commands attention.

I see so many other State Capitol Buildings in other Cities, and they are grand structures in their own right, but they tend to look alike. For the most part, they tend to be copies of the US Capitol in Washington DC.

I am biased of course, but I recognize what a treasure ours is. Features that stand out and make it special are:

  • Location downtown, but on the highest hill so it projects its importance to the City

  • Breaks the mold for State Capitols with the 'lantern' rather than a dome. The architect, William Strickland, is known as one of America's great architects. He also designed the Downtown Presbyterian Church and St Mary's.

  • The Bicentennial Mall was primarily created to allow a distant view of the building, unrestricted by high rises.

I just hope the new trees planted on the Legislative Plaza do not obstruct the view from the street like the old trees they removed for repairs did.

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IC on tour, I feel we've had a celebrity in town...been reading your posts a long time now.

Thanks :shades: I had a great time in Nashville. (Thanks for the history, BTW)

Since these shots were so well received, here are a couple from the War Memorial nearby:



Interesting statue..... ;)

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Great photos. I love the state capitol. This weekend, I"ve been at a Youth Legislature conference (Yes, that is why there were a bunch of high schoolers walking around in suits and business clothes), and we were in the House and Senate chambers, and underground in the meeting rooms. It was very cool. The capitol is so nice, and recently underwent a massive renovation that was much needed, as it is the second oldest working capitol in the country. It was very exciting to actually be able to work in the Capitol.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing the rest of your photos. Did you stay in the Hermitage, by chance, or just like the building?

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