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Harvard University and Racism

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cranston36    0

There is something going wrong in America. Mr. Cohen of the Washington Post is right in calling the writings of those Harvard eggheads John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt anti-semitic. Their writing is nothing more than Jew-baiting and it is offensive to every American.

To give you an idea of what sort of guy David Duke is read on.

I received an unsolicited copy of 'The Truth At Last' in my mailbox the other day.

David Duke has an article in it.

It is titled : "New Orleans: Africa-like savagery"

Subtitled : "Roving gangs of Blacks raid nursing homes and even children's hospitals".

In the article are notes such as these :

"Once again, guns save lives and property."

"The looting has now reached biblical proportions."

"To the terrified Whites of New Orleans, what appeared to be official or police vehicles often contained armed killers and rapists."

"People who are still there are hiding in closets from after 5:00 PM until the sun comes up."

"Gangs of crackheads are roaming the streets with guns in stolen city vehicles robbing, raping and killing."

"No one was dying of thirst, save perhaps for a few hopelessly trapped in their attics from risen waters."

"And a report of massive number of Negro criminals raiding a children's hospital has just come across the wire:..."

"Is this America - or Africa?"

"It's in the genes"

"I am reminded of the Northwest Airlines plane crash in Detroit in 1987, when the denizens of ghetto descended on the carnage and stripped the still-smoldering bodies and body parts of the victims of their watches, wallets, jewelry and other possessions."

Gives you an idea of what is going on at Harvard.

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snoogit    0

This is a side of Harvard I never knew existed. I mean I knew it was full of stuffy close-minded white people, but this is awful.

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Ruso    0

This is not only reproachable but scary. Harvard is supposed to be formed by people with vision, not by close minded, prejudiced, and seemingly ignorant students. One would think that in one of the best universities in the world, this kind of atitude would be inexistent, because this is not about ideas or political tendencies, but about racism.


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runawayjim    0

If a research paper showed African Americans have higher rates of teenage pregnancy David Duke would support it. It doesn't mean the authors share Duke's racism.

actually, from what i got out of the article, the authors were simply saying that siding with israel makes the US a target for terrorism.

i don't really call it anti-semitic for one major reason. israel has a history of terrorist activities, but they're not known as it because israel is an ally and no allies can be terrorists. while i don't agree with destroying israel, i also don't agree with a lot of what israel does.

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Gusterfell    0

Why is it automatically labeled anti-semitism whenever anyone expresses disagreement with the actions of the state of Israel? The left's criticism of Israeli policies is not anti-semitic any more than the right's criticism of Iraq and Iran's policies are anti-muslim. If the authors are racist, then so too is the Bush administration.

Furthermore, it is an irrefutable fact that the US is hated in the muslim world largely for our unwavering, one-sided support of Israel. I don't see how an article stating that fact can be labeled racist. The Washington Post article is nothing more than the right wing's favorite pastime of taking a cheap shot at academia.

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