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Riverbank Park Pics


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I had sometime on my hands after attending the Psi Chi induction at the UM-Flint library picking up my cords for graduation. It was a beautiful day out yesterday so I decided to take some ictures around downtown. These are the ones I took in Riverbank Park, it really has a lot more beautiful than people give it credit for.

We start out from the U of M campus entering from underneath the Harrison Street bridge.





It's too bad Williamson didn't have the patience to wait for the U of M mural class to repair the murals and painted over most of them with the ugly tan paint.







There is still an element of grit in the park.






Two of the few remaining elements left from the murals.



This is only the section between Harrison and Saginaw on the south side of the river. I will get more when I have more time.

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I'll have to do some digging to find most of my Riverbank Park pics. I honestly haven't taken many pictures of it. Here are some of the riverbank pics I took during the sesquicentennial celebration. Volunteers did a great job of cleaning it up.





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what is that canal thing with thoose paddle boats in it?

and i didnt even know that you could boat in the flint river

also, i think they need to replace, or restore thoose bridges.they are lookin kinda shabby

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I always thought the canals were just decoration, but maybe they did have boating in mind when the park was built. That's the only time I've ever seen boats in the river, personally.

Two bridges over the river are scheduled to be repaired this year. One of them is the one shown in my second pic and the other is near Kettering's campus.

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I just think they need to utilize the park a lot more. It really is a nce setting. I remember going to the ampitheater part when I was a kid and seeing Lavar Burton (I knew him from Reading Rainbow but some might know him from Star Trek). It was a great thrill for me. People will use it if you give 'em a reason to be there.

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Lately while I've been in the library between classes I've been thinking about how the area in front of the White Building needs serious landscaping done to it. It just looks really bad to have dirt and roots exposed all the time.

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You're not kidding, Dnast. Last when I was at Riverbank Park in 2003 the area was down right scary, and looked like a weed-infested dumping ground. Wow, what a great clean-up. It's so cool to see Michigan cities turning back to their rivers.

Haha. I remember when you posted those pictures. That couldn't have been a good first impression. When I went there for the celebration last year, I almost didn't recognize the place. I hope there are funds available to keep it looking that way.

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I don't know if it's just one person, or a few different people, but I do see someone kayaking every now and then in front of the U of M campus.

ha, wouldnt think youd see that, if i had a kayak, id give it a shot

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Is there alot of Pedestrian traffic downtown, I know it hasn't been talked about on here in a while, but it looks like there's a significant amount of people Milling around downtown flint. It's been about a year since i've been there, and i've never really spent a significant amount of time there. Not since I was a kid.

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I've driven through dt flint three times in the past two weeks and I have noticed a fair amount of pedestrian activity. Things are definitely moving in the right direction. As for the riverfront park, there is so much potential. I hope some big improvements will come in the future.

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