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Sunny day in Flint, MI (part II)


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Again, you all might have to refresh a few times before all the pics show.

The Citizens Bank Building, built in 1928.



The Durant Hotel & Northbank Center peaking out from behind the University Pavillion.



The Riverfront Character Inn.


Looking South down South Saginaw Street.



State of Michigan Office Building.


The trash-filled, half frozen Flint River.


Northbank Center



Looking North down MLK Avenue. I didn't walk down there at all...the neighborhood starts to get bad real quick.


Looking up at some of the details on Northbank Center.


These buildings are a part of the University of Michigan - Flint.


Looking toward Flint's two tallest buildings, Genesee Towers (left) & the Mott Foundation Building (right). The city wants Genesee Towers to be torn down. It has many safety code violations, & pieces of the facade are falling off & onto the sidewalk below. It was last occupied in 1997.


The long abandoned Durant Hotel. Alfred Kloss of Daystar development has bought the building & plans to turn it into condominiums.


Building north of downtown. I forget the name of it....Riverview Towers or something like that. It is not listed on skyscrapers.com, so I do not know for sure.


The rear of the Durant Hotel. The building sits at the triangular shaped intersection of North Saginaw Street & MLK Avenue, hence the V-shape of the building's footprint.


More details on Northbank Center.


The front of the Durant Hotel. Downtown Flint really needs some redevelopment, so hopefully this latest proposal will go through.


Looking South on North Saginaw Street. Flint has a linear downtown along that's mainly on one street.


University Pavillion


Part I

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Try telling people from Flint they have a nice downtown. LOL...most won't believe you.

The good thing is that there is only one major surface lot downtown, and that will be filled (soon, I hope). Half of the lot will become a downtown park, while the other half will become student housing for the University of Michigan - Flint. A lot of the key vacant buildings have plans to convert them into lofts in place.

There isn't much to downtown Flint. It's very small for a metro of 436,000. Most of the Flint metro is sprawl :(. By the end of part 3, I will have covered downtown pretty well. I went into some neighborhoods & took some pics, but I'm storing those away for a later thread.

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It's not a nice downtown :)

...but it could be. If these various developers and soon-to-be small business owners don't run into problems and can get started by this Spring, maybe I'll have a reason to go downtown outside of the 4th of July and the Crim (forget the fact that sometimes I find myself downtown for no apparent reason lol). I've seen a lot of articles about development, a lot of "coming soon" signs, and even some physical signs that somebody's trying to do something. Hopefully it won't be a boring Summer as far as development goes...

At least Detroit is only an hour away :)

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