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BoysTown Chicago


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Can anyone provide me with any information about the Boys Town area of Chicago and where it is and what it's like?

The term, "boystown," was virtually synonymous with East Lakeview. Historically, it is the area bordered by the Red Line to the west, the lake to the east, Belmont (or a little south of Belmont, maybe Wellington) to the south, and Irving Park Road to the north. Halstead and Broadway are the major north-south streets. Most of the gay businenesses and clubs are presently centered on Halstead around Addison. There is a GLBT community center being constructed on Halstead just north of Addison at the corner of Waveland Avenue.

The area is pricey but the streets, particularly Broadway, are lined with cafes and shops, whereas Halstead is more of a center for bars and restaurants. The lakefront is dominated by highrises, but most of the neighborhood is 3- or 4-storey brownstones. This neighborhood is a couple of blocks from Wrigely field and is adjacent to the northern reaches of Lincoln Park along the lake, with particular access to the Marovitz ("Waveland") golf course, archery area, bird sanctuary, and the lake.

The gay and lesbian community is prominent but is actually continuing its northern migration and is becoming increasingly centered (residentially as well as commercially) well to the north of the old Boystown area, which in recent years has seen a large influx of straight professional singles and couples who have been attracted to the area now that it has been cleaned up. The area is very convenient to downtown in terms of transportation and is still less expensive than Lincoln Park to the south.

Let me know if you have any questions or need more information. I live nearby that area.

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