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While I believe that most people are in favor of the conversion to two-way operation, many residents were not informed of the ill-advised parking change that would now permit two -way traffic and parking on both sides, until after this change was quitely done. The FDOT plan is, in my opinion, the best compromise between what is present reality and the "utopia" of 1941 that RAP eludes to. In 1941 the resident density was no where near what it is now, cars were much smaller. The current State and City standard is two 11' lanes for traffic and two 7'lanes for parking, or a total of 36'. Both streets are only 30'. This poses a serious hazard for emergency response, not to mention safety issues such as no line of sight while backing out of private driveways. The arguement that many residential streets in the area permit this condition is offset by the fact that these streets have not been upgraded and do not see the traffic flow College And Post do and will continue to.

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The following storyline appeared in the Daily Record



College and Post streets returning to two-way

by Liz Daube

Staff Writer

A major traffic change coming to Riverside may create serious confusion for commuters soon, but proponents of the switch say it will remove a boundary that

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