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Coach Cal staying in Memphis


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We had a minor scare over the past couple of days while Calipari lobbied for a raise for him and his assistants by humoring NC State. It would have been foolish to leave a potential Championship contender, the FedEx Forum, and his highly touted recruiting classes, and so it was clearly scare tactics for the AD R.C. Johnson. But perhaps the debate was as Geoff Calkins assumed in his article (http://commercialappeal.com/mca/sports_columnists/article/0,1426,MCA_468_4612177,00.html): Memphis vs. Carolina BBQ. Either way, Cal made the right choice. :)

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Yes, a lot of folks are breathing easier today.

I heard that his agreed upon salary was "only" $1.3 million, $600K less than what NCState offered him, so he must be happy at Memphis.

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