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Mark London takes a jab @ GR City Commission


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Heard on the radio this AM that Mark London opened up his club yesterday.

Hmm, oddly enough - wasn't the city commission supposed to have a vote on an ordinance to severely hamper London's club and what goes on there?


As much as I don't care for his clubs and what goes on there - I could only laugh when I heard that. This guy gets so much publicity.

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Oh - I know - I guess I should've made that more clear. ;) He got his occupancy permit yesterday. And just *happened* to open up shop on the same day that the vote was SUPPOSED to occur. ;)

I guess it's not open full-time yet. London claims that it's just coincidence that it opened the same day that the vote was supposed to occur. (Muahahahahaha - yeah right!)

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My guess is nothing big comes out of this, and that 100,000 that was raised will be used somewhere else. Obviously there are laws already existing that don't allow masturbation to accur in public, so I don't know why the mayor even brought up that one to the press. The problem with closing loopholes is that new ones are always created (look at Texas, it was illegal to sell "Vibrating personal stimulators" to the public, so what did they call them instead? "Personal Massage Devices" Slap a warning that its for external use only and you've dodged a loophole.) Want to stop a strip club from being all nude? well that one is more difficult, but places like Tampa get around it all the time, One way it happened was that the club would hand out a piece of paper and a pencil to each customer and called it an art studio.

But, in reality any legal fight that would happen was going to end up costing much more than $100,000 anyway, and I don't think the city wants that kind of fight on its hands. My advice to the city is drop it, give the 100K to some local charities, level honestly with the people and move on.

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