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Changes Coming to Chinatown


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Changes Coming to Chinatown

Sampan Article

New Englands Only Chinese-English Newpaper

By Adam Smith

Chinatown can expect several changes, big and small, in the coming years.

These changes include the construction of a new Silver Line portal station, development of Parcel 24 along Hudson Street and the Chinatown park on Parcel 23D, and a development plan for Chinatown

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I don't think the Silver Line is gonna happen. The Feds are very cool toward it (and the T needs them to pay for it). Residents are starting to question the price, and the fact that the media is calling it The Little Dig is not helping (or is helping depending on what your goal is). And residents of Roxbury are still waiting for their 'equal or better' replacement for the Orange El.

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