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Baton Rouge Photo of the Day

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Hey Richy, were you out there today? We went down there,and it justs makes me feel good to see so many people enjoying Downtown! Here's a pic of people playing in the fountain pool at the 911 Memorial.2543752064_d4dc7edc0b_b.jpg

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Has anyone else noticed, now that the river waters have begun to recede, that the river "bleached" the stairs along the levee? Makes you wonder what chemicals are in the water.....

Oh well, at least they concrete look new! ha ha :P

LOL sorry for the delayed response...... I was thinking the same thing about the contrast in color there. I have only imagined what all is in that water. :shades:

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No SoutheastBR I was not downtown Sunday; but I drove thru Saturday; always good to see the increased activity! I don't know what it is about that area of downtown?? But I love it! :w00t: From the Hilton Capitol Center to Shaw Center; Old State Cap; Repentance fountains; River Center; LASM/Planetarium; North Blvd., etc.

Nice collection of pics BRToday! Nice to see you posting again! :thumbsup:

Yo LT! What do you think is in that water?? Interesting to say the least. :huh:

Here's my contribution for the day....taken a couple weeks ago. New II City Plaza going up a couple of blocks behind the Old State Capitol


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I like the natural lighting in that pic with all the glass on top of Mall of La. Wish Cortana had more of that; though some might disagree.

Old pic; Galvez State Bldg. blending in behind Main Street parking garage


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