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Baton Rouge Photo of the Day


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Interesting building indeed, what is it used for?

Repentance Park, I'm happy that fountain is going away, it wasn't maintained. Hopefully they can do something with the set up by the brick pyramid. Keep the pyramid, remove the other stuff.

I don't know what it was for. It was empty and there was a for sale sign up

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Sweet shot from the old Republic Tower in Midcity! One of the best views in all of BR! :shades: You can also see the Marriott & Tiger Stadium(not shown) from up there...sure would be nice to see the gap fil-in the skyline btwn One American Place & Chase Towers.The new 12-story Courthouse(2nd left) is really big...the new 12-story II City Plaza is not as tall.

How did you manage to get up there LT?? They had it closed off last time I tried to go up there...that was a while back though.

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This is an example of what should be built adjacent to the Perkins overpass so people don't have to risk their life walking on the 2'-0" curb.

Really wish that Perkins overpass was eliminated and the street moved to grade.

Plenty of room for sidewalks then!

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I like the overpass. It's a feature that helps define space and create another layer of interest, as well as a separation between the residential and more dense commercial development. The space created under the over pass by Chelsea's is a cool urban space. I think the solution would be to create sidewalks and bike paths at grade and leave the overpass intact. If the overpass wasn't there, what would we call the area, "Perkin's Crossing?"

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Staying with Bryde's "International" theme...but completely opposite of the colossal urban-scene...Some of the best beach & water on the planet!

Grace Bay Beach on the island of Providenciales(Provo) in the Turks & Caicos


Some of the clearest water I have ever seen! :shades:


Regent Village at Grace Bay...their version of an "Urban Village"





The mural of the island-chain at Ports-of-Call really looks like it would have been fun to draw up!


Mudjin Harbor/Dragon Cay Middle Caicos


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Yes indeed Dan..the Sunlight makes all the difference in the world!

Turks & Caicos might be a nice place to live...it's in Eastern Time Zone & closer than Las Vegas...it tends to be a little expensive $$ since most everything is imported. Gas is double there around $6.50...how ever since the islands are so small you won't drive as long. Though part of the Bahama archipelego; it's a U.K. territory (British Crown Colony) where they drive on LEFT side....Crime is lower on average than he rest of Carribbean. Some still live in 3rd World poverty.

Provo (38 sq miles) is where most of the people live(abt 23,000); where the International Airport & Resorts are located; with no traffic lights 13-14 Round-Abouts....a little larger in size North Caicos s only accessible by ferry & small planes; has just 2,500...and a beat-up mostly rock-berm "Causeway" connecting Middle Caicos(largest area 48 sq miles) and ONLY 300 people where the living is simple

. There are smaller private islands like Parrot Cay that have the celebrities hang-out. East Caicos & West Caicos(private Ritz Carlton villas at stand-still) are still uninhabited! Grand Turk(pop. 5,500) to the far right of mural above is tiny (like 6x2 1/2 miles) is where the Capitol is located..and cruise ships dock. South Caicos is home to a fishing village.





Emerald Point on the NE tip of Provo



The rugged coastline in Middle Caicos


Much of the Causeway black asphalt to Middle Caicos washed away by a series of Hurricanes..a jeep is recommended when driving this!


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